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Poolside Chats - Channel Intro

Poolside Chats is a new podcast that will feature conversations with people from all walks of life and all across Hollywood. Film makers, music makers, artists, socialites, fellow podcasters... and many more!! Here is a short preview of my first 5 episodes.

Episode 4 - Shea Harris

Today I am bringing you a small clip of our lovely guest Shea Harris. Shea introduces herself, speaks briefly about her film beginnings, her Houston roots, homosexuality in the black community and more. Remember this is just a snippet, so imagine how open the convo gets in the full episode.

Episode 5 - The Painted Lady LA

Today I am bringing you a small clip of our lovely guest Autumn of  In this snippet, Autumn and I briefly discuss the sex industry and the workers.  In our full episode, she discusses her roots in art, her connection to Black Lives Matter, her approach to activism and so much more.  Oh, and of course we finish an entire bottle of Jack!

Episode 6 - Tee Reel of Ideal Image Models

Welcome back to another episode of Poolside Chats! Today we have a snippet from our latest episode with porn star Tee Reel. In this clip, Tee touches on the work side of being in porn and also talks about dating hurdles that stem from being in the industry.

Episode 7 - Red Homie Quan discusses Sports

Today my bro Red Homie Quan stops by to discuss the current state of the NBA and NFL with me. And with him being a vet and a solider, of course the Colin Kaepernick protest and what it stands for comes up as well. Being a black man in America, it's hard for Red to ignore police brutality.

Episode 8 - Blk Paco

Had to take a trip to Cleveland so I could sit down with fellow podcaster and good friend Blk Paco to discuss being a member of the Drunk Mind Sober Thoughts podcast, starting his own spin off podcast, The Paco Show and speaks on how traveling has become his therapy.

Episode 9 - Al Miller of ALI$T Dynasty

Happy to sit down in Columbus, OH with my good friend Al Miller to discuss his days as the hottest promoter in Toledo, outgrowing the city, moving on to Hollywood and how he started his high fashion clothing company ALI$T Dynasty. In this snippet we discuss friendship and supporting friends!

Episode 15 - The Ladies Takeover

I was honored to welcome back Autumn The Painted Lady LA and Shea "Butter" Harris and newcomer Jessie Rose to the show to let the ladies take things over. They discuss DM etiquette, #MeToo, unfair double standards and workplace chauvinism.

Episode 16 - Messages from Married Men

This was definitely my favorite episode to record. I flew into Columbus to sit down with 5 lifelong friends who are all married with children. Their marriages range from 5 months to 15 years!! They drop jewel after jewel on marriage, fatherhood, blended families and much much more!

Episode 17 - Playboy Da DJ and DJ Brainstorm of DMST Boyz

Finally had a chance to sit down with the other 2/3's of the Drunk Mind Sober Thoughts podcast. Had to swing back by Cleveland to chop it up with Playboy Da DJ and DJ Brainstorm to discuss DMST, music, DJing, favorite artists and their epic event #PodpaloozaVegas.

Episode 18 - Wee Vibe

Had the wonderful pleasure to sit down with best friends and business partners Cassia and Candace of Wee Vibe Lounge to discuss their business ventures and friendship. Cassia talks all about her artistry and Candace shares some very chilling stories of growing up in the South.

Episode 20 - Kieona Taliaferro

Had a lovely opportunity to sit down with my good friend and fellow dream chaser Kieona Taliaferro from Columbus, OH about her journey from single mom to aspiring Hollywood actress. She shares stories highlighting her grind and her hustle on making it from Ohio to California.

Episode 21 - Steph Cali discusses double standards

Had a lovely guest this week in the form of fellow podcaster and California native Steph Cali to discuss double standards. Both from a male perspective and from a female perspective. We discussed a number of issues and had some great debate!

Episode 22 - House of Stagalee 

This was truly a great episode today! Had the pleasure to sit down with my bro Sir Stagalee to discuss his life, his BDSM lifestyle and his upcoming cooking show, "Cooking For Daddy." I promise you want to listen to this great conversation!!!