I'm just a kid from Ohio living in Hollywood and having conversations with the people I come across. Living in Hollywood you meet actors, rappers, singers, models, sports figures, producers, club promoters, YouTubers, porn stars, drug dealers, fitness freaks, gang bangers, writers, fashion designers and much much more. So Poolside Chats is all about me being me, and bringing these Hollywood stories to you.

Poolside Chats is an interview show, that isn't about interviewing people. The reason I named the show Poolside "Chats" is because I want it to be more about sitting and having a talk with my guest as opposed to it being focused on bombarding a person with questions. It's all about having a drink with a homie and sharing good times. And great stories. We get very personal and very real. And in that same vein, Change the Channel is also about being very real and very personal. But in this segment, it's all about me and what's on my mind at that given moment.


It's when you'll really get to know me and know who I am. I might give a geek review on a new comic book movie that just came out, I might talk about current issues in the news, I might talk about my top 5 rappers. Who knows? The perspective on Change the Channel is going to be a segment all about switching it up and looking at things that you sometimes might not look at. So whether it's getting to know my guests on Poolside Chats, or whether it's just listening to me rant on Change the Channel, you are definitely in for a fun, drink filled good time!! So sit back, pour up and have a sip with us as we chop it up and talk our $#!+!!!!!


"Despite all the technical improvements, it still boils down to a man or a woman and a microphone, playing music, sharing stories, talking about issues – communicating with an audience."


- Casey Kasem

"All to often in life, we allow our schedules to dictate our passions.We need to come to a place in our lives where we allow our passions to dictate our schedules."


- Miles "MTV" Kelley